aspect-oriented software development

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Why choose aspect-oriented programming?

Have a look at the next level of Java™ development and learn today what will be state-of-the-art by tomorrow. This presentation is designed not only for Java™ developers, but also particularly for software architects and project managers who are familiar with the design and implementation problems of classical Java/OO programming and who want to learn how AOP can help them to see these problems (and their solutions) in a new light.

Presentation language: German or English

Introductory presentation at your premises:

Do you want to learn what aspect-oriented programming is and how AOP can help you improve your software design and how it eases the implementation of crosscutting concerns?

In this presentation, you will learn more about the basics of aspect-oriented development and why AOP will become the ideal supplementary for classical OOP.

Then you can decide if the use of AOP makes sense in your (Java) projects and if you want to book a training course in AspectJ.

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