Interesting links about "aspect-oriented programming"

General: Information, discussions, conferences and many more useful AOP links
AOSE-SIG Interest group for aspect-oriented software development

AOP-related concepts:

HyperJ Method developed by IBM to synthesize Java™ classes from individual concerns / requirements in which they are involved.
ComposeJ Java™-based Composition filter

Compiler and tools:

AspectJ™ the AOP compiler for Java™ as a stand-alone tool or with outstanding IDE integration (Eclipse, JBuilder, NetBeans). It was invented by the XEROX Palo Alto Research Center (just like the Ethernet, the GUI and the mouse).
Aspect Browser A tool for analyzing existing Java™ source code and to identify aspects.
ThemeUML Emerging UML support for AOP projects
AspectWorkz AOP tool for Java™ without language extension. "Weaving" of aspects and classes through bytecode modifications at runtime.